I am a fine art printmaker, balancing my time between Door County WI and the Chicago Loop.  I have studied a wide variety of printmaking and encaustic techniques with many artists in an effort to hone my own painterly style.  I find that working on a series of multiples or on variable editions encourages happy accidents. My monotypes experiment with color and overlapping, organic and linear layers that inform one another and explore relationship. Additionally I enjoy building the texture of collagraph prints by using found objects and inking one plate with both intaglio and relief techniques.  Abstracting my surrounding landscape is a primary focus, particularly the Niagara Escarpment, which connects me to our daughter Mamie in Stratford Ontario.

My work has been featured in several juried shows in the Chicago area including the annual Her Voice Shows at Expressions Graphics from 2017 to 2020 and at the Oak Park Library Art Gallery in January 2016.  I have also been active in Door County, Wisconsin during the last ten years.  My collagraph monoprint  “Bert” was selected for the Purchase Award from the 53rd Annual Juried Exhibit at The Hardy Gallery in 2015. In 2014 I was invited to decorate an egg using upcycled materials, “Last One In,” for the EGGstravaganza in Egg Harbor and celebrated the whimsy of this fundraising community art event.  


45th Juried Annual Miller Art Museum 8/2020

41st Juried Annual, Miller Art Museum 11/2016

40th Juried Annual, Miller Art Museum 9/2015

Reply All: A Visual Thread, Guenzel Gallery 4/2021

From the Studios Juried Biennial, Guenzel Gallery 12/2020

What We Make Community Showcase, Guenzel Gallery 2/2020

14th Annual Gallery Salon, Guenzel Gallery 1/2016

13th Annual Gallery Salon, Guenzel Gallery 1/2015

58th Annual Juried Exhibit, The Hardy Gallery 7/2020

57th Annual Juried Exhibit, The Hardy Gallery 6/2019

54th Annual Juried Exhibit, The Hardy Gallery 6/2016

53rd Annual Juried Exhibit, The Hardy Gallery 6/2015

Exquisite Corpse: Head-to-Toe and End-to-End, The Hardy Gallery 9/2015

4th Annual Her Voice Show, Expressions Graphics 8/2020

3rd Annual Her Voice Show, Expressions Graphics 5/2019

2nd Annual Her Voice Show, Expressions Graphics (First Prize) 5/2018

1st Annual Her Voice Show, Expressions Graphics 5/2017


Collagraphs, Monoprints, Monotypes

Eucalyptus Monotype
Meadow Leaves
Ghost Monotype, Leaves
Goldenrod Meadow
Ghost Monotype, Goldenrod
Silver Dollar
Debossed Eucalyptus Silver Dollar
Women Talking
Mixed Media
Encaustic Collagraph
Wandering Woods
Monoprint, Viscosity Inking
Eagle Tower 2017
Mixed Media with Lithograph
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        Encaustic Collagraph